SRI International

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SRI International Center for Vision Technologies has pioneered real-time, real-world computer vision with the early development of pyramid/wavelet processing that enabled unprecedented speed and precision in imagery processing. Core capabilities begin at the camera, with integrated processing to enhance image quality, and include a full range of state-of-the-art “front end” signal processing functions for stabilization, fusion, enhancement, and motion and change detection. They extend to high-end capabilities for understanding and interacting with complex, dynamic environments. These capabilities have been used widely in security and defense and are now migrating rapidly to the consumer world with applications in smart phones, video games, and image search on the Internet. SRI International (SRI) is a nonprofit, independent research and innovation center providing technology development and venture opportunities. SRI’s work has led to new industries and products that impact everyone, from computing to imaging to defense and much more. SRI bridges the gap between research and industry to create high value innovation. For example, an artificial intelligence project for DARPA led to the development of Siri for Apple’s iPhone. Sponsored R&D is at the center of SRI’s business model, whether the outcome is an R&D solution or a new product. SRI has over 2,000 employees and does over $500 Million in R&D business annually.