Dr. Jon Leonard | CEO, Co-Founder

Jon Leonard personal bio photo

Jon is a serial innovator. He has spent his professional life working at the edges of human knowledge, bringing discovery into practice. At the start of his career, as the youngest scientist at the China Lake Naval Weapons Lab, Jon conceived payloads for the first naval satellite experiments, and wrote the first 6 degree of freedom simulator for high speed physical objects in air.

Later at Logicon, Inc. he developed methods for verifying the guidance software code in the Minuteman ICBMs. After Logicon he founded the nonprofit Longevity Foundation of America, under which he assembled a team that studied human longevity and health, and wrote the first books on the dietary links to heart disease, which were published as the nationwide bestselling Live Longer Now book series. The Live Longer Now dietary recommendations were adopted by the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition as the first officially recommended diet for Americans. After this work, Jon joined Hughes Aircraft as a Chief Scientist, where he fostered Hughes’ advanced factory automation and neural network based automatic target recognition. After Hughes Jon founded and developed the funding for several technology-based startup companies: BPM Technology, Inc., CALMEC, Poofaway.com, Inc., and The Perfect Marketer, Inc. Jon raised venture capital to fund BPM, which developed the first office safe 3D printer, capable of turning 3D CAD models into 3D plastic objects on the user’s desktop.

Jon raised money for CALMEC with an internet-based self-directed IPO, and CALMEC developed the chemistry for the first molecular photon switch. Poofaway and the Perfect Modeler were both funded out of pocket. Poofaway developed software and business patents for disappearing email, while The Perfect Marketer developed software and business patents for social networking.

The technology belonging to both of them was subsequently sold to an intermediary for a third party that is believed to be Google.When the world changed on 9-11, Jon joined Raytheon as the Director of Counter Terrorism Technology with the goal of applying advanced technology to the defeat of terrorism. In this role he conceived and won a number of government advanced technology development programs with terror defeat as their goal, some being classified and some being unclassified.

The unclassified programs are MANTIS, an exploitation of advanced sensing for a soldier visioning system, INFINITE, an exploitation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to make arbitrarily long perfect CNT fibers for military purposes, and WADNO, an exploitation of CNTs for perfectly covert signaling. After these efforts Jon left Raytheon to develop Click Evidence, Inc. and the KlickZie technology. Jon received his BS in Physics and his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Arizona, and his MS in Engineering from UCLA. He is the sole or co-author of a number of US patents.