Matthew Staker | Co-Founder

Matthew Staker personal bio photo

Matt is a seasoned and successful technology executive with over 30 years in technology development with 20 years of active executive management. His experience covers the gamut from startup to midsize to large companies, with world class competence in the fields of social media, avionics, defense software development, cloud system development and extreme graphics. Matt is an innovative thinker with bold business visions.

He succeeds in environments of great ambiguity by championing and empowering team success. He can tackle any situation, coming up to speed in new arenas with amazing speed. Matt was a founder/chief technologist in VisualSoftware (acquired by Micrografx), GridIronOffice, NowLive, and New Image Industries (where his invention of computerized hairstyling enabled a NASDAQ IPO with the largest percent gain of its era).

Recently Matt ran the team that built the Airborne Datalink avionics system for the very successful privately held general aviation startup Avidyne Corporation, and also developed the data architecture for the about to be acquired startup Security First Corp.

Matt began his career at Evans and Sutherland as a real time computer graphics engineer, then moved into defense electronics at Ford Aerospace and Hughes Aircraft, where his productivity at 10x over his colleagues convinced him that the “startup world” would be a far better match for his quick twitch talents than the defense world. Matt has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah and an MS in Computer Science from USC.